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When  purchasing a home it is incredibly important to have thorough  inspections done before moving in. Inspecting the sewer system is one  prime example. Deteriorating materials, tree roots, and foreign debris  can wreak havoc on the system if left unchecked. TestQuick will do a  full examination of the sewer system using a snaking video camera and  show you exactly where present damage lies along with potential areas of  concern in the future.


 Often at TestQuick you will hear us talk about descaling sewer lines.  Descaling sewer lines is the process of removing build up of scale  caused by aging cast iron sewer lines. Cast iron sewer lines are  typically found in houses built from the 1950s to the 1980s and can be  pretty high maintenance if not taken care of properly. Over the years  flakes from the cast iron can break off into the sewer line from use.  The scale (pieces that have broken off) accumulates overtime which  eventually creates an obstruction in the line and catches paper products  as they go by. The more paper products it catches, the bigger chance  for blockage. For older homes, descaling should be a priority to help  prevent blockages in your home and prevent homeowners from having to  replace the whole line.